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3-Sentence Summary
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1. Coming Back Stronger
Drew Brees
Drew grew up with divorced parents and always had a love for sports from the time he was little. Drew went to Prudue University and was the quarterback for their football team. He writes about how he dislocates his shoulder and goes through therapy to come back and win a Super Bowl with the Saints.
2. Fire
Ken Munro
Joyce is taking pictures when she sees a car on fire. Her and some other detetaves try to figure out who burnt the car and who is steeling arttifacs from the Wheatland mantion. The person that runs wheatland mantion thinks that a guy wants to sell him a James Buchananletter but is it the real deal?
3. Surviving Middle School
Rick Bundschuh
T his book is about all the things you will have trouble with in middle school. There are chapters about how to avoid funking how to avoid being a jerk. In the book the funniest chapter is how to avoid flunking.
4. The Rivalry
John Feinstein
Stevie is a ordnary 14 year old sports writer. He is told to report about the Army Navy football game. leading up to the game he fallows Army to their practices and and stay at West Point. Susan Carol with is his reporting partner fallows Navy.Its game day and there is somthing wird with the refs.
5. Ghost Circles
Jeff Smith
Fone,Phony and Smily Bone are trying to get home to Boneville after they got ran out.Thorn is the prinsess and the Lord of Locust is trying to capture her soul. The valley was captured by ghost circles. There was a mountain that was blown up andthe bones and Thorn and Grandma Ben were safe. They were all safe and only see ash and no other life. They have to make there way around the ghost circles. When the explosion happend all food in the area was destoried ,and know they have to go in the ghost circles to het food witch might cause death. You will have to read the book to see if they can survive.

6. Fireball
Ken Munro
On Augest 14 there is a house fire. Sammy and Brian are two young detictives who try to figure out who the arsonist is or was it a house fire. When the fire happened mr. and mrs. Shelly are on vaction in florida to visit mr. shellys mom. When there friend BruceBoyer calls them and thells them there house has burned down they come right home. Sammy and Brian told the Sheelys to make a list of the people that might have something to do with the fire. Then Sammy and Brian go to speack with the people on the list. then they get a call from deep eyes. They go to the location where deep eyes told them o go and no one was therethey set up a trap to try to catch the arsonist im the act but they do not cach him. Then they call a meating and try to figure out the arsonist.

Mary Shelly
Victor Frankenstein loves science. Victor goes to a collage and takes a science class. His teacher tells him that he is very good. Victor wants to know how the human body develops and dies off. He goes to a graveyard and digs up the remains of the dead. Frankenstein takes the remains back to his lab to examine them. He then creates a human like creature that resembles man. This person is big and ugly. The creature is offended by Victor and murders Victor's wife, brother, and others. Vicor gets enraged and attempts to track down this monster. He wants to kill it. Victor becomes sick from chasing the monster and dies...

8.Rock Jaw
Jeff Smith
Smiley and Fone bone found a lost rat creature in the valley an d have to reaturn it to its group. Wile on the quest the run in to Rock Jaw. Rock Jaw is the master of the eastern boarder.He tries to take them some where but then a bunch of little orfant animals help them excape into a huge tunnel. Rock Jaw waits for themto come out but they get out the other side of the tunnel. when they excape then Kingdok appears and trys to eat them but they get away from him. But in the prosses of excaping Rock Jaw finds them. Awile later then kingdok appears and then Rock Jaw and Kingdok get in a fight and Smiley and Fone bone excape and they reatun the rat creature to his group.
Bill Ivy
There are many different types of salamanders. Some salamanders can live in trees. There are some that are as small as a babys finger an some that can be as long as your arm! There is one that live to be three feet long. It live somewhere in Northamerica. One kind can only live in water but most of the time the water drys out but it can go under ground and put a special cocoon around its self but only its mouth can stick out.The long tailed salamander has a tail that is longer than its body. This book has alot of cool facts about salamanders you will have to read it to find all the cool facts out.
10.The Time Machine
H.G Wells
The Time Travler builds a time machine. He goes into the future and finds little Eloi people. He figures out that they are scared of the dark. He cant figure out why but then he finds out. These white ape type creatures names Morlocks. They live in these wells all over the land. The Time Travler goes in one in the middle of the night. He lights a match an climbs down. he looks for his time machine that he lost when he gets to the bottom the creatures start to attack him. He keeps searching and searching an finally finds it and acdently goes in the future even farther. There people try to kill him but he excapes and gets home safly.
11. Ivanhoe
Sir Walter Scott
Ivanhoe is baned by his father from his fathers kindom. He becomes a palmer in descise. He meets these nights that are headed to Ashby. In Ashby there is a tourtment that many nihgts will battel each other. There is a nigh that is in descise. No one knows who he is. The tourtement begins and the unidentyified night makes it to the end. Prince John who is running the tortument has one of his nights deffeted and one that makes it to the finalls. The mysterious night is identyfied as Ivanhoe. He is hurt in the last round and the black night comes to his side. The black night beats the princes night. The black night finds Robin Hood and his band of out laws and plans an attack on Torquilstone after the king and his daughter are captured. They out number the castle deffence. They attack and some one in the dungion sets the kindom on fire. Litterly. They save the king and his daughter. Latter Rebbeca was captured and accusted of witch craft and might be killed. She demands a changlleagunst the prinses night. Will she find someone to fight for her and what will happen to England?
12. Moby Dick

Ishmal is going out to hunt whales. He finds a ship a the captain is hunting down Moby Dick because he lost his legs to him. after a while they go and try to kill Moby. the captain is taken down will he come back of will he come back or will he die.
13. Pittsburgh Steelers
Tom Robinson
This book will give you lots of facts about the steelers and different eras they had. This is an awesome book!
14. Mike and Mike
Greeny and Golic
This is an awesome book for people that like sports.It is to guys that do a ESPN radio show. They almost aways argiou about sports. They have a rule and it is, one day, athletes willrule theworld. That is my favorite rule in this book.This book will give you all the rules that they have come up with. It is a really good book.

15. The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
The herdmans are these very bad family of kids. There father is in jail ,and there mom works alot at a factory. They always are punching everyone or each other. One day they come to church and want to be in the Christmas pagent. They volenteer for all the main parts and the rehurseals are terable. They never got thrugh a full rehursal before the real pagent. Everone is saying that OMG this is going to be a very bad one. But is it really, read the book to find out.
16.The Legend Of Sleeping Hollow

There is a man and he is the school master and he like all the others like to tell ghost stories. He is riding home one day the gets chasted and disaperies. One day a man named Rip VAN winkle is walking around shooting squarles with his musket. He finds these little people and they have a drink and he has some, when he wakes up 20 years have past and he was forgotten then he comes in to town and tells his story and people can not beleive it is him. A man named Malif is very poor and needs to become rich fast. He starts to dig for gold but has no luck he keeps trying to look but no luck. he sees a man that hes a sack does it have gold? You need to read the book to find out.
17. The Indian Bones Revenge
Ken Munro
At the Lancaster County Convetions Center construction site there is something strange that is dug up. They appear to be human bones of Indians that lived there long ago, but no one told the media because they are scared that they will have to shut down for a little and then they will lose a lot of money. Brian Helms has moved to California and Sammy is feeling very lonely.He goes to is room and for some reason his friend has moved back. Sammy's neighbor was beat up very badly. He was one of the guys that found the bones. They find out that he did find bones. there is also a woman that knows about the bones her name is Grace. They interview her and find something interesting. Mean wile Sammy and Brian find out that the arrest of Brian was all set up for them to go back to Lancaster County.They still did not find out who beat Sammy's neighbor. You will have to read the book to find out.
18. Hate That Cat
Sharon Creech
A boy named Jack hates cats. He has a dog its name is Sky but he dies. One day at school Jack sees some kittens but he knows that they will turn into cats.One Christmas day Jack gets a black kitten. One day when Jack is waiting for the bus a cat starts attacking him. one day his kitten runs away.Will they ever find the cat?
19.Cabin Fever
Jeff Kinney
There is a huge snow storm that hits Greg's town. No school for a while. Greg and Rawely hang up posters on the school that leaves a blob on the side. Will they get busted? Read the book to find out.
20. Rodrick Rules
Jeff Kinney
In Rodrick Rules Greg's older brother Rodrick is being really mean to Greg. Rodrick is being really focused on his band. He thinks he is a star. He keeps trying to annoy Greg. Greg is getting really annoyed. Will he try to stop Rodrick.
21.San Francisco 49ers
Brian Lester
The 49ers were established in 1941. They won 5 Super Bowls.That is less than the Steelers. They started a different league then later joined the NFL.
23.The Fighting Ground
Jonathan is a young boy who really wants to go to war ,but his dad wont let him. One day he goes to the in and there are a lot of men with guns. He finds out that they need to stop the enemy troops from invading them. Jonathan is captured by three Hessians. Will he survive? You will have to read the book to find out.
24.Gifted Hands/ Gregg Lewis Deborah Shaw Lewis
Ben Carson grew up in Detroit Michigan. His father left him when he was very ZB
young. His mom ,brother ,and him all had to move out of Michigan and into
Boston to live with his moms sister. He saw a lot of bad things wile he was
there. Homeless drunk people. He started to do good in school ,but he was still
behind his classmates. They called him class dummy. Ben always got bullied.
He still did not let that bother him to much. He started to go ahead of his class.
He went to college and graduated from there with a medical degree. He went on
to become a world famous neurosurgeon.

25.Hugo Cabret / Brian Selznick ZB
Hugo's father dies and he is forced to live with his uncle and take care of huge clocks. He becomes very good at it. His father was working on a machine before he died and Hugo is trying to finish it. He has to steal things. Will he get cot ,and will he see what it says.